The last twenty years have seen Katherine Newman Design grow to a firm that provides full interior and architectural design/build services. KND is guided by the philosophy that the design articulated within a space should be entirely in communion with its physical envelope, and that both interiors and exteriors should be reflective of the utmost in balance, harmony of elements, and quality of finishes. A strong foundation in this kind of architectural emphasis allows the development of interior and exterior details to be worked on simultaneously, so that the final design is unified and cohesive. The marriage between style and practicality allows for an inspired cohesiveness in living environments that makes good sense in creating a functional and beautiful environment. Katherine Newman and her architect partner, Peter Cebulak, believe good design requires having an appropriate vision, contemplating the limits imposed by structure and budget, the interplay between the function of space and the envisioned aesthetic context both defined by the client.

KND employs a staff of 14 that includes three classically trained architects and a skilled support staff. The firm provides a high level of service that is expressed in the detailed creation of totally customized environments. Known for meticulous attention to detail, whether it is in the creation of a simple, Shingle style residence, or in a grand French chateau, all design, related to both exterior and interior envelope, is developed in an effort to maintain architectural integrity. The company's service range includes an extensive set of professionally drafted interior and exterior elevations and related details; full specification of finishes, and individualized design of interior contents . The knowledge of detail and the proficiency in communicating such detail ensures that the assembly of each component of a residence ultimately reflects the finesse and quality associated with old world craftsmanship regardless of the aesthetic language.

To ensure the ultimate quality of an environment, Katherine Newman and Peter Cebulak created a full service Project Management division. KND Project Management executes all designs produced by KND and in doing so, authentically fulfills the original aesthetic vision of each project. This Project Management Company was created in order to actualize the philosophy that design cannot be properly executed unless the people facilitating the construction are the same individuals who conceived the aesthetic. This ensures excellence in construction, managing trades through a high level of technical mastery and attention to detail. This also facilitates innovative approaches to the construction process which manifest in the ability to realize complex design projects at reasonable costs. KNDPM approaches Project Management with the conviction that clients should be relieved of the responsibility of coordinating between professionals and trades, attending to the arduous details that the construction process can often involve and that in the end a comprehensive approach benefits both aesthetics and budget.

Katherine Newman Design works with a diverse approach, mixing both modern and traditional elements of design, as inspiration is drawn from both historical periods and contemporary contexts. Rather than attaching to any defined preferred aesthetic, Katherine Newman and Peter Cebulak see themselves as editors, participating with their clients in helping to create personal environments in which the clients can present themselves both privately and publicly while providing unique solutions for daily domestic life. The clients who commission KND are a very special group - people who have achieved a firm level of self-assurance, have a unique appreciation for beauty and understand the value of integrating all disciplines associated with design to facilitate accurately one's vision.

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