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Category: Private Residence

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Completion Date: 2003

Size: 5,000 square feet

Scope: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Construction Management

Design Concept:

A new residential construction project situated in an established neighborhood just bordering Toronto proper, originally developed in the 1940’s. Surrounded by mature trees and a large conservation area, this location provides a reprieve from the pace of the heart of the city which is just 20 minutes away by car. Built for a growing family the mandate was to maximize the useable square footage of the house which necessitated the introduction of an underground garage. The resulting challenge was to incorporate this modern amenity while successfully rendering it inconspicuous as an architectural element and to neutralize the resulting elevated bulk of the front facade.  An Eclectic vernacular provided the fluidity to address this challenge. Intertwining elements from various architectural styles – Georgian, Arts and Crafts and the clearly Italian inspired front entry portico, the residence ultimately reflects an artistic approach, which involves evaluating historical details and reinterpreting them in new and relevant ways.  Exterior materials and form are expressed in such a way as to help neutralize the mass of the structure having been elevated from street level – a soft grey stucco on block and a more country roof line helps to mitigate a potentially imposing presentation. The interior envelope continues the dialogue with a range of classical architectural details, assembled and expressed in our own unique language. The client's appreciation for a diverse aesthetic is reflected in their collection of art and contemporary photographs, fine furniture and ceramic items disbursed throughout the house. Rather than being defined by one specific period, the contents of the space are collected, even somewhat eccentric but ultimately timeless. 

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