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New Eclecticism

Category: Private Residence

Location: Toronto,Ontario

Completion Date: 2005

Size: 8,000 square feet

Scope: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Construction Management

Design Concept:

A new residential construction project built on an important corner lot situated in an established neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto proper, located directly across the street from a landmark building. The mandate was to create a residence expressing a 1920’s style architectural language, an eclecticism combining Georgian, Italian and Art and Crafts elements such that the exterior presented as if it had been built during the area’s original development. The program required that the residence be quite large in scale, however, the clients were sensitive to potential mass of the structure as it is visible from both the front and north elevations, a function of being sited on a corner lot. Much attention was focused on creating jogs along the north elevation in order to reduce the perceived scale of the house. The interior envelope continues to draw from a variety of architectural styles, much like the approach of Lutyens, integrating them in such a way that the end result reflects an informed and timeless aesthetic. Interior contents combine inherited items and the client’s collection of contemporary photography with transitional pieces synonymous with style as opposed to fashion.

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