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Fifth Avenue Pied- A- Terre

Category: Private Residence

Location: Fifth Avenue, New York

Completion Date: 2017

Size: 3,000 square feet

Scope: Interior Architecture, Interior Design and Construction Management

Design Concept:

A full scale renovation of a residence at a post war landmark building on Fifth Avenue. The interior envelope reflects a French 40’s vernacular with the use of cerused oak wall paneling and trim material, custom dyed parchment wall panels, hand stitched leather wall paneling, patinated bronze and wood marquetry wall partitions. The interior detailing is simpatico with the architectural rigor of the exterior façade, a building built in 1963 clad in limestone which is considered one of the more elegant buildings of its era. Furnishing is graceful, presenting more like sculpture set within the context of a neutral palette of soft greys and mauve juxtaposed with blocks of colour including a contrasting red element. Interior contents as art include pieces by Mattia Bonetti, Herve Van der Straeten, Roberto Rida, Kwangho Lee, The Haas Brothers and Marc Bankowsky. 

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